Have you ever had a situation when your iPhone got stuck while booting up and stayed at the Apple logo? It give me a chill to even think of something like that happening. This issue is common for users who have tried to jailbreak their iPhones. If you are restoring date on your iPhone or trying to update, this issue can happen, infrequently of course. Learn how to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - Fix_2

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo – Fix

  • Connect the phone to your computer via a usb cable. Put your phone in DFU mode.
    • To put your phone in DFU mode, do the following.
    • Press and hold Home & Power button for 10 seconds.
    • Release the power button, but continue holding the Home button down.
    • You will enter DFU mode. A iTunes popup will confirm the same.
    • Restore your iPhone. If you have not backed up your data, then it is very likely that you will lose all the data.
  • To avoid this from happening, you can use some tools like Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix the issue.
    • Download and open Tenorshare ReiBoot.
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
    • Select ‘Exit Recovery Mode’
    • While this fix is meant to get your iPhone out of the recovery mode loop, there have been instances where the iPhone stuck on Apple logo has been fixed.

iPhone Hacks You Should Know

Those are the methods that you can use to fix the issue. Do you know of any more? Let us know in the comments below.

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - Fix


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