If you were conned to believe that AntiSpyware 2009 was a real Spyware and you installed it on your system, then you are in for some trouble. It’s one of the most annoying Trojan Virus that can be on your system. Annoying pop-ups, deleting some of your programs, these are some of the activities AntiSpyware 2009 will be upto on your system.

Here’s how you can avoid being a victim of AntiSpyware 2009:

1> ‘Prevention is better than cure’ , when ever you get a message saying “A complete system scan by AntiSpyware 2009 has detected spyware on your system. Click here to download AntiSpyware and delete the spyware”, DO NOT click on download. You’ll only end up downloading the ‘bad’ software !

2> If you’ve already downloaded then download ‘Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarefrom here.

3> Most likely AntiVirus 2009 won’t let you access the MalwareBytes website and it’ll show that it’s not available at the moment. To work around this, use your friends system to download MalwareBytes and transfer it to your system through a floppy drive or USB and install it on your system.

4> Run MalwareBytes and it will clean up the havoc AntiVirus 2009 has created.

5> Next download agent ransack and search for files(search files effectively and quickly in Windows Vista) with name “antivirus” in your system and delete all those files – you need to be very careful while selecting and deleting the files to ensure you do not delete any legitmate file.


  1. Love your post. Computers can definitely suck sometimes! One thing that solved a lot of my heads was Faster Computer Now. Good stuff 🙂

  2. I would like to introduce myself and SUPERAntiSpyware. I’d also like to provide you with a complimentary license for your use and evaluation. If you would like the license, simply let me know an email address to send it to and I will do so right away.

    SUPERAntiSpyware was established over 5 years ago, and we now protect over 15 million users worldwide from harmful spyware infections. I’m confident that you’ll find it a powerful tool in your fight against malware.

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    Mike, SUPERAntiSpyware

  3. True .. This is a problem if you watch movies from certain websites 😉 .. But I guess if we are a bit careful we can avoid it. Hows your blogging coming along ?

  4. Boy this one has been torturing me for a while but thnak God I’ve not installed coz I suspected it was spyware. Somehow my AVG free controlled it and it no longer appears now.


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