Free language translator is free utility software that can convert the text saved at your desktop to the desired language. It can translate any portion of the text or the entire page with the help of Google translation service. It has an intuitive interface which can be easily used by users.

This tool makes your language translation task extremely easy. All you need to do is follow a logical algorithm of steps to covert the entire text in your page. First of all open the document which needs to be translated. Then copy the text and paste it on the left window panel. You can also change the orientation of the panels from the status bar. Then select the desired language in the “from” and “to” segments. After selecting the existing and the desired languages, click on the icon “Translate”.

This application helps you to create your own customized dictionary. With the help of this dictionary you will be able to rectify the language translation and also save it for the future use. You can further add new entries to your customized dictionary. For this you need to select the text that for translation. Right click on the translation box and select “Add to Custom Dictionary”. You can access your dictionary by first selecting the option “Translate” and then click on “Custom Dictionary”.

The text that has been translated to the desired language can be further copied to a clipboard. You can further save a copy of the translation by clicking on the Save File option on the toolbar.

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