Humyo – A One Stop Solution for All Your Online Backup Needs

Humyo the online space provider is a one stop solution for all computer users looking for huge amount of space to backup their files. This brand provides nearly 30gigabytes (if not 100GB which makes it one of the best free online storage provider) of disk space to each user.

Out of the entire 30GB disk space, 25 GB is reserved for multimedia needs like storing videos, music and photos. 5 GB of space is allocated for other files.

Humyo product comes with store, send, access, and publish features. Humyo File manager synchronizes uploads and backups all your files to Humyo secure. Files uploaded on Humyo can be accessed from any part of the world with just a computer having internet connectivity or through a mobile with internet connectivity.

Humyo provides utility to share the uploaded files via email with revoke and recall support. It also provides utility to publish on the web all the uploaded files. Humyo’s embedded media player comes handy to view your photos, and media like music and videos.

Humyo is made available for $59.99 to premium account holders for first year and an additional 100GB of free storage space is made available for $79.99. All premium users can transfer their data using 256-bit SSL encryption. Uploaded data is secure even if one never logins to the account for more than 90 days.

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