Website monitoring was an unheard terminology until a few years ago. The need of this service has arisen with the fashion of maintaining multiple websites under the same account name. Website monitoring is integral to analyzing the uptime and performance of your website. It monitors your internet applications and servers and alerts if you in case anything goes wrong.

Most of the business enterprises nowadays integrate the benefits of Google Analytics into their existing websites. This Google service is a website monitoring service that looks into the smooth functioning of your website. In fact, today there is a huge crowd of free web monitoring services that monitor almost anything that has an online existence. These monitoring services also look into the well-functioning of e-mail servers, file servers, websites and routers. This service alerts you promptly in case your website goes down. It informs you well on time if there is an occurrence of unscheduled downtime on the servers.

One of the most striking advantages of web monitoring services is that they keep a rigorous check on your servers 24/7. They conduct more than 1000 scans on your online applications in a single day. So, there is absolutely no chance that you miss an alert in the whole day. In addition, this service has test servers sprawled across the globe. This makes your website monitoring extremely accurate and efficient. This service does not bother you with incorrect alarms at all. It immediately alerts you on the downtime of your website. This further helps you to immediately contact your web host service provider to fix the downtime.



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