Jade Property Suite – Free Software For Real Estate

There are not many Property Suites in the market but out of the few the Jade Property Suite6 is the best among the rest. This software for real estate is of great help to property dealers around the world. It helps them manage and keep track of their property listings. It enables automatic print of brochures, flyers and other raffles.

One of the main advantages of the Jade Property Suite6 is that enables saving of data in PDF formats which help easy sending via email, it also allows data to be created as HTML files and be posted on the internet. In this way it provides a number of options to let your business flourish and attract maximum sellers and buyers.

Jade Property Suite6 uses a database to handle its user’s data and information. It saves all the contacts and listings of agencies in the database which is extremely easy to match, search, update, web publish, export and print. The database support adds an extra dimension to it, as it allows itself to be used as a local database or shared database.

Some of the key features of the Jade Property Suite6 are mentioned below.

  • Listings of real estate can be published on the net and can have a directory containing a search engine for properties, categorized listings and a page concentrating on the details of the property and selecting which properties need to be published.
  • It allows its users to generate emails.
  • The user can export or convert data to PDF form, text file or Excel.
  • Match and find potential buyers for all the properties listed in.
  • Progress or Activity of property sales can be tracked and kept as record.
  • The menus, template and filters of the suite can be customized by the user as per his/her liking.
  • Supports numerous agents sharing the single database.

Earlier this software was sold at a price of $429 or 299 Euros. But with the launch of its latest version, it is now provided for free to new as well as existing customers. The Jade Property Suite6 can be downloaded from the following link Here:

Instruction Manual (PDF) Here.


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