Use “JustCloseSomeTasks” To Close Unnecessary Programs Running On Your System

Many times it so happens that you get too busy with some task and tend to forget about several programs that run on your PC simultaneously. Such situations might occur when you might be interrupted by a phone call, suddenly asked to be present for a meeting or you might have to attend some client.

Although it doesn’t create any major problem, it could possibly congest your operating system or bring it to a halt. For closing such unnecessary applications, you may simply right-click on respective tabs on the Windows Taskbar and close them. You may alternatively close the applications by going to Task Manager.

However, there exists a free utility which offers an easier method of closing any running applications on your system which are no longer required. JustCloseSomeTasks is basically an AutoHotKey script that allows you to select multiple inactive applications and close all of them together with a single click.


The moment you press a hotkey, JustCloseSomeTasks pops up and displays all the running applications along with the total time for which the application has been inactive. You can decide and configure how long you want JustCloseSomeTasks to wait before it closes any inactive applications.  

JustCloseSomeTasks has ability to point out the applications which have been inactive for a particular amount of time and automatically close such applications. This freeware is simple to use and pretty handy and portable for being stored on your flash drive.

Although many people might feel that this utility is quite irrelevant to their style of working, there might be many others who tend to open multiple applications and eventually forget to close the ones which are no more needed. Even if you remain occupied by some other important task and forget to close some running applications, JustCloseSomeTasks efficiently does the job for you.


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