After what seemed like a never ending discussion with Nadeem Ulla Khan, we both realized how far behind Kannada Music Guitar tabs and chords section is today.

Update: We’ve started a new group for all Kannada musicians and guitarists who are interested in learning how to play Kannada songs on guitar. You’ll get updates of Latest Kannada songs Lyrics too ! You can join us on FaceBook here.

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You can say this era happens to be Kannada Music Industry ‘s heyday, with such high quality music directors, and some of the well known, best, renowned world class singers, both native and others are coming in and contributing to it’s success.

As an amatuer musician, any of you who are, you’ll want to learn and be able to reproduce the the same songs in the comfort of your hous. This is where the problem currently is ! We have no sources where one can download Latest Kannada music guitar chords / tabs. This calls for some quality time from professionals who can decipher the complex music and lay it down simple so that any commoner can benefit from it.

As of now, we both are trying to come with a solution for this. I hope all you kannada music lovers will benefit from it.

Update June 17th, 2011:

There is a great news for all Kannada / guitar music lovers. You can find, request, and submit Kannada guitar tabs on Asia’s leading Guitar forum:


  1. Yes. I tried finding guiter tabs and chords for many of the popular songs. But could not find a single one. We really need a place where we can find guitar tabs and chords for all those beautiful Kannada songs.


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