Keep Your Kids Safe With Princeton Kid Finder Device

In today’s society, children going missing are one of the serious social issues. According to the data collected in US, every 40 seconds a kid reported as missing, consequently this number shows 2,100 kids missing per day or 800,000 kids missing per year. Obviously, some of the cases of unreported missing children are not included in this report. You should be very careful with your child while in public areas.

Possibly, you couldn’t stop your child running here and there or playing around at all. While speaking with someone or checking out with something, you might ignore your kid playing around. If you feel constantly fear your child losing way to your home or being kidnapped, then you could use kid-tracking device as an efficient way to trace your child’s whereabouts.

You could use some of the kid tracking devices such as your kid’s phone fitted with an alarm and GPS facilities. These devices would surely help you when tragedy takes place.

Recently, a tiny kid-tracking device has been introduced by Princeton, which is the Japan based company. This kid tracking device tracks your child when he/she is missing. Princeton Kid Finder is quite different from other GPS enabled devices. It is radio based device that operates within 90 meter area.


Princeton Kid Finder package includes a transmitter with which you could tag your child, a remote in which the basic directional information (such as left, right and forward) is displayed. The SOS alarm is featured in the transmitter that alerts parents in case of emergency or while a stranger approaches your kid.

Princeton Kid Finder is pretty useful while taking your kid to the public areas like exhibition, park, shopping complex etc. Both transmitter (with size 57×16.5x43mm) and the remote (of size 76x22x35mm) are extremely easy to carry and even to tag. You could get this gadget at the cost of $147 which is quite affordable amount. In addition, you may also want tag this device on your luggage, pets and etc to avoid theft or loss.


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