Early this morning I saw Keith d’souza announcing a $1025 reward (on twitter) as an incentive for his readers for the launch of his new Damn Good Lists blog. Those who haven’t visited Keith’s blog should make some time and head to http://techie-buzz.com .

He’s running a contest where he’s giving away prices worth $1025. I was just browsing around the new blog, and 25 hot tennis stars you can drool over is surely one of the best.

The biggest challenge to keith will be to keep his readers updated. Btw, if you can get on his feed here.

People normally love compilations. But compiling something every single day, I don’t think its really that difficult. I can think of a lot of things I can compile every single day. But not all compilations will be 25 best sort. You can expect a lot of short “Best 3’s or 5’s”.

All the best to Keith on his new experiment.


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