Keratin Auto Download Software To Help Update Installed Applications

Maintaining preferred installed software applications on a computer system with periodic newer updates is not easy. However to make it easy Keratin tool comes handy.

To enjoy the updated features of an application shortly after its release date. Individuals have to periodically keep checking the website for new version of the software. They have to even set a reminder to keep a check on the website regularly. They also have to check the compatibility issues of new releases which will be pretty exhausting.

Ketarin tool is a diminutive application which is capable of supporting this issue by assisting individuals to supervise and see to it that those preinstalled applications get the most recent version automatically updated or start auto downloading the latest installers.

Ketarin is a “Free-Open-Source-Application”. It is programmed in “C#” for “.Net-Framework-2.0” and utilizes “SqLite” as database engine, to run ketarin; users must confirm that their computer has “.Net-2.0” installed.

Individuals were earlier informed about “Radar-Sync”, this application is capable of scanning applications and drivers on your computer system. It also displays a list of recent installers with links.

Yet, ketarin works on a different technique; first of all it will verify to know if any latest version is available for installation and then automatically downloads the installer within the predefined path.

Once it has downloaded the update, it will prompt the user to install the latest-version of the application and then user can decide to install later or instantly.

It searches for any updated installer on File Hippo by default. If desired applications are not found on this website link or if a user prefers not to be directed to this website, they can change the website.

Ketarin’s strongest feature is that it permits users to define commands for execution right after the installer completes downloading, installation in background, virus scans, un-zipping the zipped-package and etc.

To know more details about ketarin, refer the tutorial.


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