Shortcut To Turn Off Or On A Monitor

It is often seen that many computer users have to multi-task other work and also run their applications on the computer at the same time. So every computer user is aware that switching the monitor off for such tasks will not hamper the process, but it also conserves power. This is said to be an efficient way of managing the monitor.

An enhanced tool called PushMonitorOff allows a user to use few keys from the keyboard to switch off the monitor. This freeware is user friendly and gives one the freedom of switching monitor off and on directly from the keyboard.

PushMonitorOff tool is a complete package for managing all your monitor requirements. It allows one to control a monitor by using Shift+F1 keys from keyboard. It also provides greater flexibility by allowing a user to change the shortcuts keys from the keyboard. This monitor controlling tool generates an icon on the system tray region which can be used to alter any ciphers or initiate a configuration directly from the tool.

PushMonitorOff is a great tool that controls and manages the monitor directly from a keyboard. The keying options can be configured according to a user’s wishes. Download this great tool to control a computer’s monitor.


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