Just got done with a fresh re-install of windows on my laptop, unexpected crash forced me to get into this, but luckily the back up made my life easier. However, after installing all the drivers, I found that my keyboard shortcuts were still now working.

I’m a major fan of keyboard shortcuts, some of my previous posts prove this 🙂 ..

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The short cut keys on my system are normally a combination of the function key [FN] + any other valid key like let say [hibernate].

The media controls, volume controls none of they seemed to work. Actually it’s quite easy to fix this, for any one who’s looking for a solution.

Install all the necessary drivers and make sure “HID Input service” in the services list is set to automatically run at startup.

‘Services List’ can launched from:

Start–>Settings–>Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–> Services

or also by

This should fix the problem.

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