Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard Tweaker can be utilized by an individual who is hooked to few programmes on the system. A person who uses it everyday can actually assign a set of hotkeys on the key board to launch those programs. Keyboard tweaker is a tool which can be used to assign hot-keys on keyboard to make program processing faster.

Allotting hot-keys to programs on your system by selecting respective hot-keys on keyboard will permit you to commence programs instantly. This will makes your program processing time faster. It is a Freeware and simpler to load on system. By default few keyboard shortcuts or predefined hotkeys are already available in it.

Either one can add a new list of hotkeys to respective programs or can utilize the present keys. By default a set of few hotkeys for windows programmes contains keys such as “volume control”, “regedit”, etc. One can utilize several combinations on keyboard such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and any other alpha numeric characters to customize hotkeys.

After assigning hot-keys one can also pre-view the changes made by selecting the test-option before saving the settings. It also contains a set of features to alter letter size, display, font, etc. Keyboard-tweaker works like a substitute to Multimedia-Keyboards. Now, using keyboards any applications or programs can be executed using this tool on your PC’s.


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