Kill And Delete Processes Directly Using Ultimate Process Killer

To view the processes which are presently running on your computer, you normally go to Windows Task Manager. Though Windows Task Manager does its job quite well, it has some limitations as it does not give detailed information regarding the process.

The detailed information of a process is very important incase you suspect that a particular process may lead to a virus attack on your PC. To view the current processes running on your PC along with detailed information regarding each process, you can make use of Ultimate Process Killer.

This free utility, along with the processes, shows all important information related to them including the process path, priority, thread, page file size, processor time etc. Ultimate Process Killer tool is tiny and easy to operate. It lets you select a process and stop it by using the option “Kill Process”.

Moreover, this utility also offers you with an option for deleting a process at once. Ultimate Process Killer turns out to be very useful when you suspect a process to harm your PC, as this tool allows you to take the necessary action instantly.


You may download 1.2 version of Ultimate Process Killer absolutely free of cost. The best thing about this utility is that, it requires no installation. To use it, all you need to do is, run its EXE file and this tool will show all currently running processes instantly. Ultimate Process Killer can certainly be a good replacement for your Windows Task Manager.


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