Windows Vista – Easy Method To Kill Running Windows Explorer Processes

Whenever you want to terminate a Windows Explorer process running on your PC, what you normally do is, open Task Manager, go to the tab “Processes”, find the process “Explorer.exe”, right-click on it and then choose “End Process”. You may also kill the process using Taskkill command.

However, this procedure is quite long. If you have a lot of Windows Explorer processes running simultaneously on your PC, it becomes pretty troublesome to repeat the above mentioned procedure to kill/end each process.

However, Vista users may apply a simpler and faster method to kill all the running Windows Explorer process with a few mouse clicks. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on “Start” button to display the Start Manu.
  2. Now, hold the hotkeys CTRL + SHIFT and right-click on the power button
  3. From the pop up context menu that appears, choose the option “Exit Explorer”.
  4. This will at once terminate all the Explorer processes running on your PC.


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