End up the Unresponsive Programs that Fail Task Manager Process to End It

It is very annoying to encounter problems of unresponsive programs while you are working on your computer.  In some cases these programs will slow down computer’s process. Mostly people launch task manger to end up these unresponsive and hanging programs, but some programs fail en up process of task manager. It means you will not get rid of those unresponsive programs easily. Whatsoever, you have tried a lot to close that programs, these programs will continuously run on your computer screen and occupying CPU memory resources.  The worst case is that if you lost your important data that can not be recovered easily because of these unresponsive programs.

Another option is rebooting your system but that could be quite hassle work for you to reboot again and again your computer. Therefore, there is a utility application that will help you to terminate or end up those hanging programs easily without rebooting your system. The PsKill is the utility that is completely executable file and does not require any kind of installation. Besides killing local stubborn process it allows users to terminate hanging programs on remote computers easily. Below given instructions are tutorials to use PsKill.

  1. Initially download PsKill application.
  2. Now unzip the folder and copy PsKill.exe to C:\WINDOWS\System32.
  3. Now launch Task Manager and navigate to process Tab to search unresponsive process PID. In case you do not find it then navigate to View> Select Columns and mark PID (Process Identifier). After then write down the value.
  4. Navigate to Start> Run and type cmd to open command prompt.
  5. Here type PsKill space PID value and hit enter button. The hang process will be closed immediately.

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