Mostly users who are of non-tech background do not care much about computer they are using. They never concern about system information such as what is the performance of system, any upgrade required or not, how much space need to be free, etc.

When they face critical situations like system breakdown, they start to care about their computers. However, if you are a non-commercial user, then you can get brief information of computer by right clicking on computer icon on desktop and select system information option.

However, this information provided by Microsoft is limited such as hardware specifications, application installed, RAM etc. If you are a commercial user and especially IT professional then this information is not adequate for your work. Now, as an IT professional you must have to find out different solutions or ways to get exact information of every part of computer.

System Information for Windows (SIW) is a tool for home users to get system information. It is a standalone application which does not require any installation. There is a specific application named Auslogics System Information for commercial and IT professionals featured which generates advanced reporting formats.

Since this utility is featured with ultimate features which make it unique and useful utility for every IT professional and commercial users, it is not free of cost. You have to pay $ 19.95 for Auslogics System Information.  


The reports generated by this system will be info rich and it makes it easy to understand deep mechanism of computer. Apart from this, it categorizes the entire report in easy to understand format – Performance Statistics, OS Information, Memory usage, and General Information.

You can download it for 15 days trail usage to understand its significance. It is the best tool for system monitoring and reporting.


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