It is “Times of Change” this year ! First it was Union Service Public Commission (UPSC), which made some remarkable changes to it’s selection process (currently changes are made only to preliminary examination), which has come in after about 30+ years. It brought in CSAT, the conventional ‘optionals’ paper, is removed and instead a Civil Services Aptitude Test paper is introduced.

Following the footsteps of UPSC, Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) too is all set to make changes in it’s examination pattern, reported Deccan Herald. I had a faint idea about this for more than a year now. Last year, a highly placed source had hinted about such a change.

The current recruitment process is very slow, and flawed. Take this years example, Kannada optional paper was extremely easy (with due respect to all those who had taken Kannada as their optional), which kept away most candidates of other optionals. Rumors are that, out of 5400 odd students who are set to write their mains from December 4th, 2010, more than 75+ % students are those who have Kannada as their first optional. If you take last year, those who had taken Public Administration and History had an advantage. This shows a pattern, which begged to be changed.

This move is believed to bring transparency, bring more ‘wise’ candidates and finally somehow ‘hopefully’ will keep the government appointments clean from any sort of political intervention.

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  1. @Sangan – I hope these changes do come in, it’ll definitely help a lot of civil service aspirants. And about the basic quality for being an administrator, it’s not the education but it’s more on the lines how one can think and acts. That is the reason, there is no criteria or lower limit on marks,


  2. I am completely happy with the kind of changes that are told to take hold of the exams from this year.. at least now everyone can compete from the same platform.. there won’t be any complaints of one subject having an edge over others in the proposed form.. I hope these changes won’t lead to more complications..
    @anil: dude, don’t say that people who haven’t studied your engineers and doctors and all those typical science and their applied streams, can’t give a good administration and can’t lead the country.. I guess you fail to notice that the best of our leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel and many others weren’t engineers.. in fact students from your field have least human skills and thats the most important thing for an administrator..

  3. ya, this is really great to have a unique pattern like upsc, becuse we need to have a standard form of reqruitment to a very high posiotions in our state karnataka, which has produced a great genuis like visveshwaraya , kuvempu etc so we are only giving credentials to kannada and other management sub holders like hist, pub add like those students who have studiesd arts and commecs cant lead a country , so engineers and medical and other high research area peoples if they can come up and stood here for KAS its really good like our beformer president abdul kalam, so i require karnataka state to stop tis kind of mug up studs rather than bring out engg and other realistic fields can bring out light to ur services……..


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