When and How to request a new check from Adsense

Recently, Adsense changed the check delivery mode, as a result of which, there are still issues that need to be resolved. A lot of publishers haven’t still got their checks.

I hadn’t received my check for last month, and I was instructed to send a request to re-issue the check when I contacted the adsense team. If you haven’t got your previous months check, you too can request the adsense team to re-issue the check.

Before you request a new check, make sure your payment is not processed. To verify this,

1> Login to your AdSense account,

2> Click on ‘My Account‘ tab,

3> Click ‘Payment History‘,  Here you can view last three months summary,

4> Now see the last payment schedule. If you see “Payment in progress“, this means your payment is being processed. Now if the Date date has crossed 25th of that particular month and if you still haven’t got your check, then you should request to re-issue the check.

To request a new check, go to this page (has detailed explanation of what you are supposed to do) or this page (direct link to the submission form).

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  1. i didnt got my may 2009 check upto now.

    blue dart is now available all over india,but google is sending checks through it.so many publishers are not getting checks


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