For all Mac operating system users there is a great application which is currently available for download. This application is iScrobbler, a multimedia tool that enables users to listen to their favorite FM channel, or Music of their choice. iScrobbler is a MAC alternative to the windows “official” client.

Once installed, it will look for the music collection of the user and is smart enough to build an automated profile based on the users preference and sends it to the iScrobber website. After that whenever the user will run this software, he or she can see the music of their choice listed in the software which was previously gathered from the profile of the user.

Users can then listen to any type of music depending on their mood. The songs and music are categorized in an organized manner for the convenience of the users. Hence users can enjoy music of their choice through live streaming from the Internet.Which means you do not need to have anything downloaded on your system. It is a great feature if you travel a lot and do not carry your personal laptop with you.

This software also has preloaded FM channels and contains the facility wherein the users can add new channels of their choice. It’s a great application as the users don’t have to search for their favorite song over the Internet through their browsers from different sites; as they can simply click on the iScrobbler icon and get what they are looking for.

It saves a lot of time and also helps an individual to listen to their favorite music with just a click of a mouse. iScrobbler is free to download and is available on the official website and some other links. So go ahead and enjoy this superb software in your Mac operating system and make your life more entertaining and have lots of fun.

[ Download iScrobbler ]


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