Fring – New Mobile Video Conferencing App

There are some of the popular video conferencing apps available such as Skype and FaceTime that allow users to communicate with each other via their mobile device. Latest sensation in the iPhone app market is Fring app, which is especially developed to provide Mobile video conferencing to the users up to four members at a time.  You might be thinking about the unique and distinctive features included in this video conferencing app. This app allows the best quality video conferencing with four friends at a time.  This is the most notable feature of the application that sets it apart from the other mobile video conferencing apps.

This is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. You might have several genuine questions regarding this app. The first one is, whether the user can use this app for business purpose or for just pleasure to stay connected with friends.  Honestly, this application has equal ratio of the users which mean as per your requirements you can use it.  If you want to conduct a video conferencing meeting at random, use your iPhone or Android device for connecting with four people at a time and reach the final decision in the meeting. It is really cool and interesting to use it as the ideal business gadget.  It makes easier to connect with your colleagues or co-workers while on the move.

As far as personal usage of this app is concerned, it is used by mostly younger generations. Currently, teens are well attuned with social networking websites and want to stay connected with their friends via video conferencing.

Next, genuine question is, whether the video calling is better than the voice calling or not. Apparently, video calling feature is in its earlier stage and getting popularity rapidly across the globe.  Some of the critics argue that people will be inclined to make video calls as opposed to the voice calls. The Fring is definitely paving the path for the new future of the video calling in the society.

Mobile video conferencing is still in its infancy stage. However, it is really interesting that Fring like app are hitting the market that will sooner make the video calling popular among the users.  However, the complete gamut of web conferencing is yet to be determined for the Smartphone. However, Fring is the latest development in video conferencing feature for the iPhone and Android devices.

Our Opinion

There is no doubt that Fring is the most advanced app, which is paving new future in video conferencing sector. There is one considerable point you have to keep in your mind that video conferencing is in its starting phase, so going with that application completely depends on your preferences. However, FaceTime and Skype is most trusted video calling app available. Overall, it is a worth investment, if you want to assess the new advancement in video calling and want to experience the new era.  In short, it is quite a cool app to use and experience something new and interesting with your device.


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