Latest Technology Development Identifies Languages With Lip Movements

Recently, a new technology has been developed by a group of researchers in East Anglia University. This latest technology is able to read lip movements to accurately recognize the languages being spoken by a person. Including English, there are some other common languages like German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Italian etc. Therefore, this technology is suitable to use with no limitation across different regions.

The development of this technology is related to modeling of 23 personnel who are bilingual or trilingual. This helps to identify multiple languages more easily without any misses. Furthermore, it shows that each language has its own uniqueness, which could be recognized with combination of lip-jaw movement and mouse shaping.

This new technology could be introduced along with the technology of eye flavor facial acknowledgment which was developed for digital signage system. It will help all of the advertisers to understand responses of consumers more effectively. Also he/she could judge that whether a particular customized ad has been meeting the needs of consumers successfully or not.


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