Sage is excellent software to learn mathematics from a beginner’s level to a very advanced one. All branches of mathematics such as algebra, group theory, number theory and much more are covered in this program. It also provides links to many commercial applications which use mathematical functions so that both applications can be tightly integrated.

Sage uses one of the most common languages called Python which makes it easy for the users to program it in any way they want by combining mathematics and other elements. This makes the skills in Python compulsory for those who want to get the maximum advantage from Sage. Those who do not know Python can still use it but with some difficulty.

Sage can reside in your computer or can be run from anywhere in the network. Being Open source software the program can work very well with Windows, Mac and Linux with the optimum browser being Mozilla Firefox. While Sage can create embedded graphics and mathematical formulae, it can also visualize the formulae and make calculations easy.

Sage is supported by two active user groups providing email support as and when you need it. The documentation is excellent customized for both the experts and for the new kids in the block. The software is very easy to learn and use and provides good quality performance comparable to the commercial alternatives.

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