You don’t need to search for a local tutor anymore, to learn a new Foreign Language. You can sit in the comfort of your house and learn any foreign language of your choice, online over internet. You can learn English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Latin, German, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Hindi and lot more languages.

Learn Foreign Language Free Live Internet Online English Chineese French Hindi Arabic

Join iTalki, an online community where thousands of people from around the world, meet-up, interact and learn different languages from each other. iTalki is a platform, where users can find partners who are interested in teaching. You can instantly connect with the interested over Instant Messengers like MSN, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and start learning.

Opening an account at iTalki is free. You’ll find a few people who are ready to teach you the language for free, where as others might charge you a nominal price for the time they spend. You normally get a few hrs of free coaching/training, before you decide to go ahead and pay the person to learn further.

You can join groups of your choice, meet individuals who have similar interest, ask the doubts you have, if any and clear others doubts if you are knowledgeable enough.

If you are good in any language, you can apply to be a teacher, and if selected you’ll get paid for your services. Login today to exchange your language, find a teacher, download free resources and want language videos !

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  1. Hello…Nice post.. I wanna learn German,French,Japanese all by sequence for my professional life..Thanks for this post.. I will register on italki to learn these languages..

  2. Wow… il y a beaucoup de monde qui veut apprendre le francais ici! I didn’t realize French was so popular. My degree is in French Language and Literature, but I don’t think I’d make a very good teacher… it’s a beautiful language though. I’m looking to learn Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish and Portugese. Mais, bonne chance a tous! (good luck!)

  3. @Lakpal Singh – You can learn french by finding someone who can teach you French there. Or if you have Alliance Franchise in your city, you can learn French from there as well.. !!

  4. This is a good resource. I am a professional Russian Language Teacher and have just registered on the site to offer my services. Thank you for the article.

  5. @David – Japanese 🙂 .. cool .. may be you can contribute once you learn. Do keep us updated with your progress. I want to make some time and start learning French 🙂

  6. @Rads – I can teach you kannada Rads, naaku telugu nerpistava ? 🙂 .. The site is good, but going the paid route will act as a catalyst to the process.

  7. I did come across something like this once when I wanted to learn Kannada but it was a paid service and free users had to wait until a paid user would like to converse them and ping them, I felt it was nonsense but since this is free we can give it a try.


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