Learn New Vocabularies In English With A Free Website And Tool Verbalearn

These days there are lots of web sites which are mainly constructed for helping non-native speakers, kids, students, young professionals and working adults with their language skills. Referring these websites helps such people improve their English language . For learning English effectively, various activities such as quizzes, games, songs, chat rooms and tests are conducted by the websites like WordReady, Yappr, and LearnEnglish and so on.

While learning English, you must acquire new vocabulary as it is a key factor of this language. A free source named as VerbaLearn is mainly dedicated for students to improve vocabulary. So, now they can prepare themselves for ACT, SAT or GRE tests and also they can learn to develop their command on English very easily.

With many great features VerbaLearn offers you a dictionary learning enjoyment which is quite infectious. A short quiz based on meaning of words is not just a test for vocabulary power, besides it also words transfers the wrong words to a Study List.  You can save your time with the personalized StudyList, making your study more focused and well-organized.

As soon as you create a personalized Study List, you can use study tools provided by VerbaLearn to assign all the words to memory. Using Review Online tool, you can check out online the specifics about special words and their examples. A feature to listen the StudyList words in an MP3 while being offline is pretty appealing to young adults.

You can now instantly download the customized words list by means of any podcast aggregator, for example iTunes. After downloading you may transfer them toward an iPod or MP3 or mobile phones, and can enjoy the learning.

A special function is provided with which you can review all the words or a word list which is displayed on your homepage. You can use this function for a quick revision and to make sure that you have already learned these words.

This package is real cool and effective features VerbaLearn are something which the parents, students and teachers can check out to enhance their vocabulary.


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