Virtual Subst is an online application that allows users to get associated with most used directories with the virtual drives. With this application users experience a considerable ease at generating and removing virtual drives in a GUI method. Once you have uploaded the Virtual Subst, all you need to is click ALT + F1 which will take you to the project directory stocking more than hundred files.

Generally, Virtual drive is a symbolic link present in local MS-DOS device. It is one of the features belonging to Windows added to ensure compatibility with different programs. Virtual drives are therefore nothing but symbolic links in the operating system which can be generated, deleted and removed by Visual Subst. Visual Subst, every time you log in, saves all the virtual files into a compact INI-file and load them for the next time you log in.

Virtual Subst is available for free and provides a quick access to most accessed directories, any where and any time. Virtual Subst is supported by mostly all the browsers including, Windows 2000, Windows XP and almost all the latest operating systems. Providing an easy access to store all your virtual drives into one INR file, it offers a user-friendly interface for novice users.

Mounting and saving your virtual files in form of virtual drives makes it easier for you to navigate your folders. To use one of the files, all you need to do is locate the file in file open-save- dialogs. This saves you with a lot of time and makes your work more productive.

[ Download Virtual Subst ]


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