WordPress is getting better with every new release. This time, there are 8 awesome folks working to make it even better. The 8 finalists who’ve been shortlisted to work on wordpress’s core feature in the 2009’s Google Summer of Code event.

The selected 8 students are :

  1. Justin Shreve – will work on extended WordPress Search Engine.
  2. Rudolf Cheuk Sang Lai – will work on adding Photo Grouping by Album Functionality.
  3. Daryl Koopersmith – will work on WYSIWYG theme editor/generator.
  4. Michael Benedict Arul – will be work on a similar project but will use jQuery.
  5. Daniel Larkin – will work on Modified Preorder Tree Traversal (MPTT).
  6. Diego Caro – will also work on an MPTT project.
  7. C├ęsar Rodas – will work on social and text processing algorithms for BuddyPress and MU as related to recommendation engines.
  8. Anthony Cole – will work on Event management with WordPress.

Read more about these guys at the wordpress blog.

Congratulations to all. WordPress has been my favorite Blogging software / CMS since I started blogging, and I’ve never felt the need to change. It’s just perfect !


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