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I’ve already discussed about Sumatra – one of the best alternative software to read adobe acrobat PDF’s. PDF has become one of the most commonly and popularly used format. If you are an ebook writer or just want to publish your resume in PDF format, then you’ll need a good PDF writer / converter.

The problem is a PDF writer, lets say Adobe Acrobat Pro comes at a very high price. But what if we can get a PDF writer at a cheaper cost or even better for FREE! I have looked into a few FREE or almost FREE PDF writers and have summarized about them in this article.

1> Microsoft Word (2007) – Yes, if you did not know, then you can now use your latest version of Microsoft word to create PDF’s directly. If you have a legal copy of Microsoft word, then go to Microsoft Download page and download the SaveAsPDF Office Add – in.

The downloaded SaveAsPDF works with Microsoft Office Access 2007, Excel 2007, InfoPath 2007, OneNote 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Visio 2007 and Microsoft Office Word 2007.

It is supported on Windows XP SP2, windows 2003 and Windows Vista. Using this add in you can directly convert your doc into PDF or even email it as a PDF !!

2> OpenOffice – If you an open source geek, then you possibly know about Open Office, if you don’t then please go to and download the comeplete office suite, FREE!! It has a range of office products which actually acts as a replacement for Microsoft’s Office suite and PDF creator is one of them.

[Download OpenOffice]

3> Gooo – is similar to OpenOffice and is another good alternative.

[Download Go-OO]

4> PDF reDirect.

4> PDFCreator – is another excellent tool to create PDF’s freely.

[Download PDFCreator]

There are few other software which are freely available for download like primopdf, pdf995 and such, but they all come with a catch ! You either need to upgrade them to run have ad-free PDF’s or let the ads run in some corner. If you do not really care about ads you can try one of them. But when you have better opensource solutions, I wonder why anyone would even think about these !!

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  1. Above creator might have good response, but in my view I personally prefer PDF Creator. This is not only very advance and free but also it has a wide support to several file formats. There are a lot of features and advantages of this great tool which you can know it by using.

  2. it happens all the time.

    PDFCreator is packaged with spyware/trojan and other harmful actions,
    it will corrupted registry enrtries with ads-tracking system that will
    detect and exploit your browsing behaviour and other private informations.

    this program/utility may be free, but it will sell your privacy.

    my suggestion: put it on public, or your enemy PC. never install this untrustworthy program on YOUR OWN computer.

  3. You can use AutoDoc HSE to process batch print jobs and do different things on different pages of the document like emailing, faxing, archiving, printing, sending SMS and a lot more. AutoDoc HSE is basically a virtual printer with an extensive management console. You can give it a try with a 30 day trial version.

  4. @Roger – This is more a automation job. Have you considered getting it custom coded ? It’s really not difficult to get it done, especially since you need prints on time-stamp based printer, a small time developer can build it for you. Of course, they’ll use the read-write functions of some available writer. If you can’t find a proper solution get back to me, I’ll see if I can direct you in the right direction.

  5. We need to find a PDF writer, whether free or commercial is not so important, that can print documents generated from our bookings application software, typically booking forms and hirer invoices. We sell our software to the likes of community centres and church halls etc.

    When a booking from or invoice is generated from our software it also generates an MHTML document which is identified with the customers name. Our users can then attach the MHTML document to an email which save the cost of printing and posting a paper copy. Problem is that with increasingly vigorous anti virus software programs the MHTML attachment is now often blocked so the only solution is to send the document as a PDF.

    Our uses will often generate their invoices as a month end run producing 30-40 invoices. This can be then be “printed” using products such as Cute Writer OK, but each invoice has to then be “saved as” with a name or number manually typed in. Clunky and time consuming.

    What we need is a PDF writer that can pick up on the hirers name from our system generated document and automatically use this as the “save as” name. Do any PDF writers with this capability exist?

  6. I wanted to add a password to a PDF form I had to fill out and send in for work. There wasnt anywhere to add a password in the form reader. I wound up using — it added a password to my file and emailed it back to me. Then I sent that in to work.

  7. I use two FREE softwares from tracker-software: PDF-XChange Viewer for read pdfs and PDF-XChnage Lite for efficient way to create the smallest PDF files available from any Windows program application.

  8. Regarding number 4, PDFCreator, I agree that is indeed an excellent program and most importantly free! However, recently they began automatically installing potentially harmful toolbar that tracks users moves and changes their default browser to Yahoo! unsuspectedly. Because of this, a company called McBurrz, began repackaging the open source application and including instructions how to avoid installing these harmful toolbars, which makes it again a great program to work with! I would suggest checking out the Best PDF Creator at!

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