List of Free Online Alarm Clocks to wake you up when your alarm clock is not working.

For some reason did you break your alarm clock or your alarm clock has stopped functioning and now you are in a fix. There is no one to wake you up but you cannot miss waking up in the morning as you have an important meeting to attend ?

I know you have cell phone these days that replace alarm clocks, but it’s always better to have two alarm clocks just to make sure you don’t miss out anything important !

Thankfully, I have not been in this situation yet, but I am sure there are a lot of them who can be in this or similar kinda situation and this post is to help folks like you !

I have compiled a list of Free Online Alarm Clocks, most of them are very simple and have easy user interface :

1> Kuku Klok

List Of Free Online Alarm Clock Services

2> Online Clock

List Of Free Online Alarm Clock Services

This ones real cool, as it also has: free online stopwatch –, free online countdown timer –, free online binary clock –, free online space clock – (this ones the coolest 🙂 )

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3> Klo Koo

List Of Free Online Alarm Clock Services

4> Naked Alarm Clock

List Of Free Online Alarm Clock Services

5> CSG Networks Alarm Clock

List Of Free Online Alarm Clock Services


  1. @Gautam HN

    Wow, thanks a lot – we’re glad you like our Clock Radio!

    We know that navigation on our site is pretty much nonexistent, which makes it difficult to find things like our Clock Radio function.

    Still, we’re committed to keeping our site’s design as minimal as possible…even if it makes our separate functions kind of hard to find.

    We’ve just subscribed to your newsfeed.



  2. @OnlineClock admin – I missed this feature when I went through the site yesterday .. This by far is one of the best feature. I just did a trial run and I’m already in love with it ! I’ll do a separate coverage on this.
    Thanks for dropping by and mentioning about it.

    Best Regards,


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