List Of Google’s Useful Products And Services That Were Unknown To The Masses

Many individuals from around the world have chosen Google for all their searches. Some even consider this Search engine as their online friend. Google is growing every day, getting bigger and bigger because of the people who are addicted to it. It is growing and is in demand as it caters to a lot of individual’s needs.

This search engine has added many features and products. Many are not aware of these services as Google simply is not promoting them. People who do not own a Google account are missing a great deal.

If a user selects to view few features supplied by Google from their accounts, only a small fraction of services are displayed. Below is a small list which would help other users to understand the products and services available with Google.

The most prominent services attached with Google are:

Google mars: This tool has captured all the important photos and information from NASA and embedded it in this tool. Google mars, allows one to explore the space, mars with the help of the Google’s map tool. This service allows one to figure out the exact infrared data, elevation and pictures from mars.

Google Sketchup: This tool is dedicated to 3D drawings used by many civil-engineers, architects, designers and many more. This tool is compatible with both Mac systems and Windows Systems. This service is also loaded with many innovative tool-sets to enhance your designing.

Google web accelerator: This tool loads the web-pages very quickly by compressing the data, by pre-fetching contents and utilizing data which is shared and cached. Google has currently withdrawn the accelerator service and now users are unable to download this installation any more.

Google App engine: If a user is a developer and wishes to utilize the infrastructures available with Google to host their files, website, applications, then they can be benefitted with Google’s app engine tool. App engine is only designed for developers or coders who wish to host applications on Google’s servers, without having to pay a penny. Google’s app engine has recently started with paid feature for all their hosting services.

Google website optimizer: This tool is perfect for all webmasters who are waiting to test their web pages, sites. The primary goal of this tool is to extend support to webmasters in producing optimized and bankable ad campaigns by helping them better their websites.

Google browser sync: Google initiated this tool to promote the browsing giant Firefox. This service allows a user to sync their Firefox saved passwords, bookmarks with browser sync and allow them to access the synced data from any part of the world.

Many such utility tools are available with Google that will increase the productivity, save time, and most importantly they are free and sometimes they are very cost effective. They add value to a user’s tasks and activities.


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