We all use proxy servers for one reason or the other. Mostly because some sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace are blocked in schools, colleges and work places. Public Proxy Servers is a site which lists all working proxies for you.

Public Proxy Servers are completely independent, in the sense they list the sites but they do not do paid listing. Some proxy sites expect a link back when you list their proxies, but Public Proxy Server does not expect that and they do not own any of the proxies listed. As a user you can be sure that the list present on the site is not a biased one in any which way. Public Proxy Servers is a free service, as they do not charge anything to access the site.

They list proxies by domain, by rating, by country, by access time, by percentage of uptime, by online time and by last tested.

So you are bound to find one proxy or the other that will work for you to unbreak the restriction imposed on you by your school or work place.

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