At times, some of the installed application in your Windows PC / Laptop will not be listed in ‘Add/Remove Programs’ in your ‘Control Panel’. This is when you’ll need MyUninstaller. MyUninstaller is meant to be a substitute of the typical Add/Remove application of MS Windows operating system.

The program helps you view an index of installed applications on Windows PC / Laptop and save this list to text or HTML files, as a record of what’s on your system. The loading of this list is rather quick taking mostly 5-15 seconds depending on the quantum of installed programs on the computer, the OS and hardware. Unlike the Add/Remove application of MS Windows MyUninstaller can provide you with a host of useful information about the applications installed such as the product name, version, installation folder, company name, and uninstall string to help you decide whether to uninstall.

You can uninstall any program with this software. An uninstall entry can be deleted with MyUninstaller. Being a standalone executable no installation process or a DLL is needed. The executable file has to be simply run after placing it in a desired folder.

The software works by running the uninstall module supplied by the program you wish to uninstall. The quick mode causes the software to automatically scan installed programs and produce a list when the software is run. The advanced mode permits deletion and un-installation of multiple items at once.

MyUninstaller is compatible with Windows 98 to Vista versions, but the user must log in with admin user privileges so that the software works well. The new feature that has been added to v1.45 is ‘show-office- updates’ option. This option permits you to hide unwanted entries in Office 2007 that has SP2.

This excellent program is all in all a valuable download.

[ Download MyUninstaller ]


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