Security concerns are good. But when security patches starting interfering with usability, it’s pain in the wrong place for a common man. Google is always around to help, but how many of them have the patience to actually search a solution and implement it ? Most results you get may not be any where near perfection or could be outdated or …..

The lmhosts.sam file in Windows 7 / 8 has restricted access. This is to ensure and prevent any malicious intrusion. Chances are very slim that those of you who are trying to modify files in this directory :

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc or if your system hard drive isn’t C: the path is whatever your system path would be: %systemroot%\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

are layman. However, if you still get stuck while trying to modify files in here, these links will help you out :

How to edit lmhosts file in windows 7 by Jake Ludington :

and for those who are unable to edit the file due to lack of administrative permission, this article from Microsoft support will help:



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