How to Connect Two Computers with LAN?

These days, we have to connect computers with each other for several reasons. You might want to set up a Local Area connection inside your office using either your desktops or laptops. If you are a student, you can also interconnect more than two computers to play games.

There are numerous solutions to accomplish this task. Generally, this procedure could be divided into two parts, wireless and wired LAN. Here, you will find out how to connect two computers.

For connecting two computers through wired LAN, there must Ethernet card installed on every computer. These days almost all the manufacturers provide pre installed LAN card on their motherboards. In case there is no LAN card installed on your computer, you can get one done easily. These cards are similar to the video cards and you can install them effortlessly on the slot provided in the motherboard.

After installing the LAN cards on your computer, the next step is to connect the LAN cable with the computers. For these kinds of connection, crossover cable is needed.

Now you have to set up your computer to connect to each other. Let us assume that the computers are working on Windows XP. Now follow these steps

Click Start > Right Click on My Computer > then Click on Properties


Then, from the top menu click on tab named as “Computer Name”


Now, click on “Change” button just below the “Network ID” and a new window will pop up.

You will then find a “Computer Name” field. Remember to give a name, which you gave while installing window XP, otherwise it will give a default name. Therefore, it will be better to assign names as system_one, system_two and so on.

There you will find “Member of” field, in which you will find “Workgroup” option. It will have a default name “MSHOME”, you can assign all other subscribers with this group and press “OK”

Your one computer is configured now and you’ll need to repeat the same procedure for the second one. Make it sure to keep the same workgroup with other computers, names can be different.

After configuring both computers, you’ll need to physically connect them.  Plug crossover cable in LAN port of both computers.

Now from the “Start Menu” open “Control Panel” > Click > “Network and Internet Connections”

From the “”Pick a Control Panel icon” > Click > “Network Setup Wizard”

Later, you will find “Welcome to the Network Setup Wizard” page, go to the bottom and right Click > “Next” bottom.

Click Next button again. On doing so, you’ll get the window with three options in it, select the radio button with “This computer connects directly to the internet. The other computers on my network connect to internet through this computer” and Click > Next.

After finishing the wizard from the control panel open “Network and Internet Connection” and Click >Network Connections”

Double click on “Local Area Connections” and Click on “Properties”

Now from the “This connection uses the following items” scroll the bar down and Double Click on > “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”

You will observe that the default option is selected as “Obtain an IP address automatically”, check on the “Use the following IP address” option and change it to IP address of your own choice such as Remember to use different IP address for different computers. The next tab will be of “Subnet Mask” and use “” which will automatically comes after entering IP address. Both computers should have same “subnet mask.” IP configuration window will be as follows.

Then, click on “OK” button.

Our Conclusion


  • Plug Crossover cable into the LAN port of both computers
  • Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
  • Click the Unidentified Network from the Network Map
  • Then Click > Turn on network discovery and file sharing.
  • From > Network discovery and file sharing select
  • No, make the network that I am connected to a private network
    • OR
  • Yes, turn on network discovery and file sharing for all public networks


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