Now you can find out the current location of your friends using Google Latitude geographical service which works on GPS (Global Positioning System). This service will enable you to see where your friend is right now.

You can activate this feature on your Smartphone which is enabled with GPS feature. Additionally you need to activate your GPRS connectivity on your phone to use this Google latitude service. Apart from this, Google latitude allows you to get connected with your friend every time. You can easily locate the current position of your friend, which will be frequently updating as your friend moves from one place to another.  

It is a useful service from all perspectives whether it is for personal or business. You can easily track your sales-force while they are in field. There is no need to spend extra money to spend on any system or service to track your vehicle and sales personnel. Being of boss of your company, you can easily make sure that your staff is present at the right place where they are supposed to be.


Since location information matters a lot in some cases, Google has tailored its Google latitude service accordingly. These services completely work on opt-in method in which you have entire control of your location information. It is totally up to you to choose your personal friend with whom you want to share your location.

You can misguide them by sending wrong location information by setting it up on the interface of Google Latitude. It means it is completely on your control to mange your privacy regarding location data. If any one would like to share latitude with you, you will get notification and until and unless you do not confirm that notification that person can not share location with you.


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