How To Lock USB Contents With Password

Few times you want to encrypt or lock your private contents in your USB flash drive from others. Most of people do not know that they can secure their USB files using secret password. Once you protect your files, no one will get access to your contents without entering password.

It is the best way to protect your personal images, documents, videos etc from others. There is a special utility freeware that allows you protect USB files using strong password. Rohos Mini Drive is a freeware and it requires simple installation. You can download it from internet free of cost and use it conveniently.

This is quite simple to use as you just download and install it on your computer (not on USB).  Once you start Rohos Mini Drive it will automatically detect any removable device connected to your computer.

 Now it will create encrypted partition in USB drive and entire data will be stored in encrypted area which is secured with password.  Now it will ask password to open that specific contents and data. Here you have to provide password before accessing your data stored in USB flash drive. There is feature that allows you choose partition size according to your preference.


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