How To Log in Two Google, Yahoo!, Gmail, And Other Accounts Using Google Chrome Incognito Mode

It is found that the Incognito mode is a privacy security feature (it is also recognized as Google Chrome porn mode because it lets visitors of adult websites automatically erase their traces) in web browser Google Chrome (To use Chromes Incognito Mode, press Ctrl + Shift + N). The Google Chrome browser ensures eventual local secrecy and privacy when surfing on the net. When the users use Google Chrome incognito window for visiting web pages, search history, the browsing history, cookies plus other traces would not be tracked, stored or saved.

The Google Chrome incognito mode contains an accidental hack that allows the user to log in or sign on to the user ID or two user accounts of similar service concurrently and parallel. For instance, user who is holding two user accounts with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Friendster, OpenID, plus lots of other web services.

In the past, users were not able to login simultaneously into a similar web mail service or application with two different user name and ID. By using the Google Chrome, extra web browser it is a possibility now. Users can simply log in their main user account by usual Chrome pane, then sign in to one more user account inside incognito window.

In the Google Chrome browser, Incognito window can be opened by just clicking on “Control the current page” option. After that you have to select “New incognito window”. Otherwise, simply press Ctrl+Shift+N keyboards shortcuts within Google Chrome browser.

Conversely, now it’s merely likely to login double (in two accounts) at a time, because incognito mode is only window-level mode (one cache storing and another individual process for incognito mode).


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