It has already been established that few lite Mp3 players for Windows [Foobar, 1by1, etc] are very well suited for tardy computers. Xion too is a similar extra lite weight Mp3 player for Windows, but at the same time has effective skins and is very user friendly, thereby turning it into a neatly packed Mp3 player freeware for your Windows.

Xion can possess certain distinctive characteristics and extensions.

Able to play both Mp3 and Mp4 audio music.
Each established choice with free Xion Skins .
Xion plugins can be combined with the Xion Player.
Open PLS playlist and M3u playlist files.
Play and open flac files without extension requirement.

Xion can be directly downloaded for Windows and more Xion Skins and themes are yet to come, for Xion player skins are known to be very well knit.


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