Recently I wrote about Lumosity, a software/service to train, tune and optimize your brains working capability. Though lumosity is a great service, it comes for a price.

Those who are looking for free alternative software for lumosity, can try ‘Brain Workshop – a Dual N-Back game’. This does not seem to have a lot of features and tests like that available in lumosity, but looks like it is a great package for a beginner.

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It’s seen a huge success in a very short time since it releade in August 2008. You get detailed statistics and analysics with graphs. As you improve, you can improve the detail level from Dual N-Back to Tripple N-back, Quadruple Combination N-Back and such.

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Read more details about BrainWorshop here.

Brain Workshop works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux.

[ Download BrainWorkshop free ]

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  1. i can pay the fee but i do not have a paypal acc or sth else ( only cash ) .So how can i promote my free acc ?

  2. @Joe – Since Lumosity is a paid software, your chances of getting a free account is next to nil. You either use alternative options or pay for Lumosity. I suggest the latter as it definitely is worth it.


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