Now Make Calls from Skype to Android Voice Calls Over 3G

The newly released official version of Skype App for Smartphone operating on Android has introduced free Skype-to-Skype calling enabled with the facility of very cheap internal VoIP and domestic calls. However, this is possible only for the Skype users who use Wi-Fi within the United States. Making a call through Skype Credit is much cheaper than a voice plan offered by mobile service provider, and if a caller is using 3G support, then it is sure that the option of calling on Skype can available anytime and anywhere.

The official version of Skype used for your desktop is different from that the mobile phones have.  There are several different types of Skype versions that work on android Verizon Android Devices, which works on 3G technology and does not use Wi-Fi. The calls made to mobile phones or Landline through Skype will have to go through the Verizon mobile network. However, the official application of Skype 4 Android operating system does not have any kind of restriction, and the users of United States currently can use Wi-Fi to make calls and not only 3G technology.

Despite all these safety measures, a hacker Xeudoxous has succeeded to break the Skype application for Android and now it is possible for users to call over 3G.  Now onwards, user do not require to have a wireless Internet connection or access point to get connected with Wi-Fi, in order to call on Skype.

Thus, there is no need to root your phone to the Skype 3G support with hacked version. Users can enjoy calling through Skype on Wi-Fi as well as 3G by downloading the below mentioned hacked version of Skype for their Android application: Skype.apk

Hacked version of Skype app on Android-based devices can be installed by following these simple steps:

Firstly, un-install the existing Skype app on your device by going to “Setting”-> “Applications”-> “Manage Application” and then select “Skype”. Then click on “Uninstall button” and copy the Skype.apk to SD card directory of phone. Launch an APK manager or file manager to install .apk on the Android Operating System, as Apps Installer (available in Android Market) and by using this manager, install Skype.apk. Finally, this application will be installed on your Android OS.

However, a similar software is available to download freely from CNet here, which makes your life a lot easier.



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