If you own an iPhone or an iPod touch, then you can make skype calls from within your gadgets. You just need to download Skype for iPhone or iPod and install it on your gadgets and you can get started immediately. You need to be in Wi-Fi zone to sign in to your Skype account, once signed in you an make calls or chat with your friends. It is mandatory that you need to be logged into your skype account to receive incoming calls and chats, if your are not signed in then the neither the calls nor the chats will be delivered.

You can make skype-to-skype calls or you can call land-line phones or mobile phones at regular skype rates, which generally are very cheaper when compared to regular call charges. If you plan to use Skype over 3G mobile network, then you should be aware of the fact that you’ll be charged data usage costs, so it’d be better if you chose an unlimited data plan, else your bills might run real high!

Skype calling will not work on 1st generation iPod Touch phones, as 1st generation iPod touch phones do not support microphones. Calling works fine on 2nd Generation iPod touch phones without any hassle. Where as presence and chat works fine on all iPod touches !

[ Download Skype  For iPhone/iPod ]



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