Make Downloading easier and faster using SkipScreen

It is a very common practice among file sharing and file hosting websites to make users stay on the website for a longer period of time and then enable downloading after increasing impressions. These tricks are implemented by the websites to maximize the revenue stream of affiliate programs and advertisements. It is a very common practice among free file sharing and fie hosting websites.

The most used technique is the timer, which makes users wait for some period of time before the required downloading links are made available. It may further ask to click and skip through various pages before the real purpose of downloading is met.


This can be extremely painful and causes wastage of time and resources. To avoid such type of hassles, Firefox has presented the SkipScreen addon that can be added with its browser. This extension allows users to bypass these useless and pesky web pages automatically. By doing so, the user can download the required files and data easily and more conveniently.

Some of the file sharing websites on which SkipScreen works are Mediafire, zShare, Rapidshare, Sendspace, Linkbucks, Sharebee and lots more. The extension is easily available and can be downloaded from the internet. On completion of downloading it automatically gets installed to the Firefox browser.


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