A Free Website That Allows You Make Free Group Calls, Voice Broadcasts, Group Announcements, Message Broadcasts

DialMyCalls gives everyone access to the power of sending voice messages out to a whole phone list, in a matter of a few seconds only. Forget about messaging to each one, or tampering with expensive equipment or even making calls, because now you can send your own voice message to anyone and everyone!

What’s more, your list can range anywhere from 2 to 20,000 people all at once!!

Use DialMyCalls.com– as a wake up call to your friends, as a reminder for parties and get to gethers. Any announcement- to a group surely consumes a lot of time, but DailMyCalls.com guarantees you to complete the task in just a few seconds.

Very useful in your daily life, as it is the ideal means of sending group call per day to 25 or less people, absolutely free service.

Wait, that’s not all! Handling also is very easy and simple-so through their contacts control panel; numbers can easily be added or deleted, according to your convenience.

This in turn leads to easy maintenance of multiple calling lists. What’s more interesting is that there are three modes for creating recordings—

1> Record Over Your Phone,

2> Upload A MP3 or WAV File,

3> Use Their Text To Speech Tool, which again is most essential in daily usage.

When technology is so advanced, why fall back, now is the time to make best use of it!!!

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