I’ve always been curious to learn how Free Android Apps make money and what is the incentive for developers to write free apps and distribute them.

There could be various reasons why people write apps, some of them are :

  1. Some want to develop apps to provide solution to problems they have faced,
  2. Some developers purely write to showcase or hone their skills. They’d be working on improving their coding skills.
  3. But, most of them would like to work on Apps for one single reason, i.e, Make Money !

When we have some development skills, and can get a few apps developed, why not experiment how to promote, market it. Not sure where this is going to end. I’ll document everything here in this single page. Will try to give weekly or Bi-weekly updates.

Stay tuned !

This is how the journey started :

Do Free Android Apps Make Money – If They Do, How Much Do They Make ?

I researched online to see if Android Apps were actually making money. Few articles spoke about how much apps hypothetically make. I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted real life examples.

That’s when Quora came to my help. Must say, a brilliant forum where people share their examples. These are some of the links which I went through and got a rough idea of how much free android apps make.

If you are from India, this is how much roughly you can make :

For every 1000 active installs, you should make $ 0.70 – $ 1.00 / day.

However, this number varies significantly for different types of apps. For example, Games make a lot of money. I’m assuming it is because a game app is opened for a really long time and ads are shown for a longer period (this is my assumption, I haven’t researched it yet. I’ll do so and update this post later).

I saw a lot of guys were making music player apps. I’m sure Ankit Srivastava is their inspiration. And, why not, he’s someone who’s walked the path. Please read about Ankit and his success story here :

Ankits Blog Post

And yeah he’s featured on YourStory too 🙂


I’m convinced that Free Android Apps make Money, But where do I start ?

Ankit’s blog is a great place start. As he says, you don’t have to wait for a million dollar idea.

You have to choose a product which has considerable market, and then develop a product that’ll solve a problem or is a utility that everyone needs or just any app that people would use.

So, I zeroed in on two apps to begin with.

Why did I choose these two Apps ?

There’s no specific reason why I chose them.

Games are easy to develop. And I wanted to roll out something very quick into the market, and this was something I could think off 😀 . Also this post is convincing enough who’s contemplating why game apps.

  1. Align It Board Game (Please download the game and help me improve the app, thanks in advance), a game based on Nine Men’s Morris and Twelve Men’s Morris is my first attempt towards Apps.
  2. My second app I’m currently working on is the Music Player App. Honestly, I decided to work on Music Player because Ankit found success, his story appeals and yeah, there are a lot of people who listen to music. I personally feel this is a good area to begin my journey.

Next what ?

I published my first app ‘Align it Board Game’ on 18th January, 2017. Now the game is to wait and watch. This will be a long journey.

I’ll document everything I do.



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