On the internet you can purchase anything you can imagine; whether you are looking for electronics, clothing, animals, or even something so outlandish and weird you are sure to find someone selling it somewhere. On top of that you can also purchase services via the internet – something that many websites have begun to capitalize on recently.

Whether you have a unique voice and can sing beautifully, or if you have a beer belly and want to show it off, someone somewhere will be willing to pay money for it, all you have to do is know where to look!

Here are some websites that you can offer services and products on, however you need to be aware of any fees that may be incurred with these websites and what types of products/services you can offer. Read more to find out about each one!


Here you can offer almost anything you can imagine! Whether you want to dress up in a set of bags and go around shouting things, or if you want to take a picture of your animal doing something, you can charge simply $5 per service/product and people will buy it. Unfortunately Fiverr takes a $1 cut from your profits; however they mediate the transaction so you are assured that you don’t deliver a product then don’t get paid.

Link: http://fiverr.com/


Digital Point, commonly abbreviated DP, is a website that is directed mostly at websites, IM (internet marketing) and other related products/services. While DP doesn’t take any cut of your profits you are forced to strike bargains and deals with the users yourself and this increases the chances of being taken advantage of – on the flip side you can use your better judgment to make sensible deals and rack up a substantial profit. Sell services here such as writing articles, creating scripts/programs, selling e-books, domains, and much more!

Link: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/


This website is fully devoted to freelancers who are selling services of all types. Here  you can find jobs to do and bid on them. Most jobs are over $30 however the average price of jobs is around several hundred. You can even find full time jobs online that allow you to completely work from home and get paid what you want! The jobs have a huge variety: writing, design, programming, data entry, website creation, and so much more.

Link: http://www.freelance.com/en/

In the current economy it is important to make use of every penny you can, however if you are smart and know where to go for odd jobs you can have a nice side job (or even a full time job) from the computer that you can do in your spare time!


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