Make Watching YouTube Videos Interesting By Setting Specific Time To Play Clip

YouTube Video sharing website is unarguably one of the best websites to search and watch favorite videos directly. Moreover, you can also share your desired video with your friends and relatives via YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube has abundant interesting videos but, you can’t deny that there might be few boring clips that will be embedded in videos.

When you share these videos with friends, they have to wait to see the most interesting clips of the video till its buffering. It is just wastage of time watching full video just to see small interesting clip of any particular video. It is quite possible that an interesting clip is at the middle or end of the video.

However, there is a trick to resolve this problem and watch the funny and interesting part of video directly at particular time period when that part is being shown. It means, the viewer can jump to the part from where the clip starts to watch it without viewing the entire video. All you need to do is just add following tag at the end of videos URL: url: #t=01m28sec. With this tag, the video will start at one minute 28 seconds, which is after the initial boring part.  

For Example:

Original format of video:

After adding the tag:

Users can change the timing accordance with video clips timing. Once you send videos with this tag to your friends, they will be redirected at specific time period of video as they click on the link.


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