Make Your Browsing Easy With A Simple Voice Command

Everyday there will be new inventions and updations in the information technology and the IT devices. Whether it is your computer or mobile phone frequently there will be changes in the features. One similar technology, which has gained popularity within very short span of time and became everyone”s favorite, is the speech recognition technology. This technology is used to interact with the machines and to control their operations as well.

Have you ever thought of the magic of browsing if this technology is materialized in a browser? Well, that could be the easiest and most convenient method to surf the Internet. Users could simply surf the Internet with a simple voice command. For example the users need to just say the keyword they want to search. In this technology “Firesay” is a free browser add on which can be used with your existing Firefox.

The Firesay allows you to communicate your transactions with the browser via voice commands. In order to perform this operation all you need is just a microphone or yersslot a web cam. All you need to do is just download this add-on to the existing Firefox browser and enjoy the real-time, exciting and efficient way to control your browser.

You can use the Firesay only with Windows 7 and it does not work on Linux. Mac or Windows XP. Since this software is noise sensitive make sure that you work with this software in a quite space. The Firesay is still in an infant stage and recognizes only few words; experts say there is lots of scope of improvement.


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