Make Yourself Free From Manual Clicking Using Autoclicker

Have you got tired or frustrated by clicking frequently on programs? If you need to click on some programs and files frequently, then you certainly wish to do it automatically. There is a utility application that allows you to be free from this hassled process of manually clicking on the desired objects. It automates the clicking process at predefined gaps. The name of this simple yet powerful utility tool is Autoclicker that automates the clicking process rather than clicking manually. It means you will be able to save your precious time and engage in some more important tasks.


Since it is complete standalone software, you don’t need to install it to use. You simply need to download and use this utility. Once you launch the application, you will be shown an interactive user interface. Here, the users can customize the settings according to their convenience and define specific time gap to be clicked on particular programs. Once you click on the “Start” option, application will start running. Users can also set some hotkeys for instant functioning of the Autoclicker application.

Users can innovatively combine this application with Silent Screen so that it captures the entire refresh screen after automated clicks and stores it for future reference. If you want to try this application, then download it from here. There is a limitation to use this application in the trial version. You can use it up to 50 cycles. For complete version you’ll need to pay $5 only and download it.


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