If you are a social networking addict, then you surely will be present on Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace. You’ll have to login to each site individually, to manage your presence, update your status, check what your friends are upto, message your friends, read messages from your friendsĀ  and accept new friend requests.

Sociagami is built to bridge this gap. It is a desktop applciation, that lets you manage all your social accounts from one place.

With Sociagami you can :

>> See which account you are logged in with, as it displays the current account avatar

>>You can instantly update status across all network at once !!

>>You can easily switch between your messages and comments.

>>You can increase and decrease the display size of your friends avatars

>>Search for friends is very easy as there is a search bar and all you need to do is type in their name in the search box.

The latest version of Sociagami is not available because they are coming up with a lot of new features and may be fixing up a lot of bugs that would have come as a result of changes in the API’s from the social networking sites side.

If you are keen on downloading and testing the old version, then you can download the older version and try it out for fun. A lot of things may not work as explained or as supposed to be, but it’s an older version so you can’t expect it to be work like a charm, do you ?

[ Download Sociagami ]



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